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Logos, Taglines, and Graphic Design
January 26, 2015

Now that you have your company name and URL, it's time to design the look of your company. Colors, typeface, your tagline, and your logo all create an impression of your company for customers. So what impression do you want to make?

Let's start with your logo. We all know what a logo is. The golden arches of McDonalds, Target's red bullseye, and Amazon's "smile" are well-known to millions of consumers. When you see one of these, you know immediately which company it is - and you have an immediate feeling about the company. A good logo conveys a positive message about your company.

The best way to get a good logo is to hire a professional graphic designer. However, this can cost money. If you don't have the money, you can add simple elements yourself, such as squares, triangles, or diamonds. Or you can turn the name of your company into a "logotype." A great example of this is the CocaCola logo.

If your logo is simple, you may want to add a tagline to ensure your message is clear. A tagline helps customers remember what is important about your business. For example, if I say, "Don't leave home without it," you immediately think of American Express. If I tell you I'm using "the quicker picker upper," you know I'm using a Bounty paper towel.

Use your tagline in all of your marketing. Include it on your business cards, letterhead, packaging, and email signatures.

A friend of mine makes sure all of her business attire is a certain color palette. She is trying to create a signature look. While it isn't necessary for you to come up with a complete new wardrobe, color on your website or print material can greatly enhance your brand image. You want to be consistent in all of your marketing materials, so be sure to choose your color palette to create a "signature look" for your business.

A good graphic designer will consider all of this when designing your logo.

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