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If You Haven't Gone Here, Go Here!
November 30, 2014

Recently, a friend told me to go to to access something like a full dozen stunning resources from Jay Abraham that he put there---gratis.

At, there are outrageously useful selections (and full-length segments) of his pure, unabridged, intellectual capital----for all entrepreneurs to freely enjoy.

Stuff like both his two latest books, three versions of the Strategy of Preeminence, an entire manual on business mind-shifting -- complete with two dozen, wonderful case study examples. There's a course on creativity, plus a 90-minute lesson on trust-building.

There's a six week, audio-based simulation of what working privately (with Jay) would be like for ninety-minutes at a time, twice a week.

There are videos of him performing marketing makeovers, ideological interventions, strategy re-structuring, business model remodeling.

It's all gratis, complimentary, no-charge.

Jay originally built to have a "Forum of Unique Contribution" he could use--in order to GIFT valuable expertise to groups of entrepreneurs who probably could never afford to work directly with me. But he knew that generously investing in them--would ALWAYS pay off, long-term, for him.

Ironically, they've used only a few times--and only in conjunction with special gifting programs Jay would do with friends who had entrepreneurship-based lists. People like Tony Robbins, John Mauldin, a few industry groups, etc.

I'm telling YOU this---in case you never knew it existed---or, you knew about it, but thought that perhaps it was a "selling" website--trying to seductively get you over to it.

For anyone other than larger companies who--perhaps--COULD afford to become clients--the site/landing page sells absolutely nothing.

But it gives some of Jay's finest foundational materials in their entirety--freely, and without ANY hidden catches, whatsoever!

So if your business is stuck, stalled, struggling, strategically stymied--see if can help--not only to get you unstuck. See if it can get your business going and growing. See if it can help you out-think, or out-sell, or out-position, or out-market, or out-serve your fiercest direct or indirect competition.

That's it.

Hope it helps. Feel free to share it ethically with friends or business associates--by telling them about it. But please don't take unethical advantage of a totally benevolent gesture on Jay's part. If you feel someone worthwhile would benefit meaningfully, give THEM the landing page too.

Here's the link.

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