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Forward is the Only Direction
May 07, 2014

Your disappointment with the past or the present can only define you if you fail to focus on your future. Forward is the only direction that gets you...anywhere.

News Flash! You read about her and her business in the latest "Success Stories" post. Now Sue Blumenfeld is ready to move on to her next adventure. She and her husband have decided to pull up stakes and start and RV adventure. In preparation, she is selling everything - including her successful, established business! She is asking $78,000. Now I know that sounds like a lot of money. But here is the awesome part. Sue is very particular who takes over her "baby". She built it from the ground up and wants to be sure whoever runs it after her will give it the same attention and care. She also realizes the right person may just not have $78,000. So she will personally finance the purchase. $3000 down and $1000 per month for 75 months buys you a well known and established, profitable business.

Interested? Contact Sue directly at 479-841-0299.

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