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Choosing the Right Internet Business
May 04, 2014
Good morning!

One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs fail, whether a business is online or offline, is that they didn't choose the right business for them. Perhaps they are trying to cash in on the next big thing or they try to start the same type of business they see someone else having success with. And so they start a business in a field that they know little or nothing about. They may not even have a real interest in their particular choice. They are just hoping to make money. Bad idea!

In order to be successful you need to have a genuine interest or passion for your business. Without it, you will find it too easy to quit when you run into obstacles. And there will be obstacles! You can help lessen some of these by also starting a business in which you already have some experience or knowledge.

You can also take advantage of network marketing. The right network marketing opportunity is a business opportunity where you will be taught how to build and market that business step-by-step by someone who has already done it.

I always recommend an internet business or a network marketing business for beginners for one reason. Unlike a traditional brick and mortar business, most people who are starting their own internet or network marketing business rarely borrow any start-up money. Instead, they generally keep their regular job, and build their business on the side, using money from their paychecks. This is exactly what my husband and I did when we started in network marketing. You don't need a fancy office or employees to get started, in most cases. Plan to do the work yourself, and only outsource that which you do not have the skill to do. One easy way to get started online is with affiliate marketing, which is also referred to as referral programs. An affiliate program will enable you to earn commissions by selling someone else's product. This is a great way to get started making money online and can help prepare you for doing business online. I am an affiliate for several products such as SiteBuildIt! and 31 Days to Build a Better Blog . Both of these products fit in nicely with my core business. More importantly, I have used them and feel comfortable recommending them. In fact, this newsletter is powered by SiteBuildIt!

It takes time to build your business to the point where it is profitable. You usually aren't going to become a millionaire overnight, in the next two weeks, or even in the next year. It has happened but it is not the norm. But with the right business, you can realistically be making a profit within a few months. And with work and persistence, you can one day make enough to support yourself and your family in the style to which most of us would love to become accustomed!

Need some help finding the right business for you? Check out our step-by-step guide . And if you would like more information on affiliate marketing, be sure to read the information on our website - How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing . Of course I am always looking for good people to join my network marketing team. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to share more information on how network marketing works and give you an overview of the two companies I am part of. And if we decide you are not the right fit for my business, I will suggest some other reputable companies for you to look at. No I am not one of those pushy types who will hound you until you join. I only take the people that I know will be a good fit for my team!

As always, feel free to share your comments and questions. And we love knowing whether you found this useful. Contact us via email.

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