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7 Strategies for Building Your List With Articles
December 22, 2014

7 Strategies for Building Your List With Articles

1. Write a high quality article

Your article should illustrate a large problem people are having in your niche then offer them an effective solution. For instance, in this article I am offering a solution to the problem of building a large list.

2. Create a call to action in your resource box

Direct readers to an opt-in page on your web site by offering a free report. The free report is to nudge readers to take action. If you don't offer something for free, you may only get one or two people to click on the link to your opt-in page.

3. Write an effective opt-in page

Your opt-in page should integrate well with the offer you made in your resource box. Don't trick people by offering something different to what you promised otherwise you will lose their attention and trust. Outline several benefits people will receive by giving you their contact information.

4. Create an effective opt-in box

Design a professional looking opt-in box because many online users are visual learners. The fields should ask for the person's first name and email address. This helps you connect and build a relationship with your subscribers. Test your opt-in form before it goes live. I've subscribed to many opt-in forms that didn't work so they lost a subscriber.

5. Create high quality free report.

Create a free report by combining some of your best articles. For example, I have a series of articles I wrote on time management techniques that I frequently combine together into an e-book as a giveaway.

6. Create a series of follow-up messages

If you are not using SBI and its webmail service, then sign up for an autoresponder service such as Aweber so you can touch base with your subscribers several times after they sign up. Your first message will include your report. The following messages can include some of your best articles. Remember, you are doing this to build an ongoing relationship with your list so you can offer new products and/or services.

7. Take good care of your list

The relationships you build with your list can last for a lifetime so make sure you continuously offer high quality unique content. As a reward for being a subscriber offer your articles to your list first. It's a well known fact that people buy from people they trust.

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