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BoomerBizTips September 29, 2013 - What are you doing with the rest of the year?
September 29, 2013

I don't know about you but I feel like summer just flew by. While I always enjoy the long, lazy days of summer, I'm ready to get back to a work mind-set. Of course, it's not like I stopped working altogether. Being part of that fortunate group of people who have weaved their life and their work together, the line is blurred.

If I'm sitting on my porch writing, is that work or fun?

These past few days, since labor day, I've been totally energized and looking forward to a slew of new programs, which you will be hearing about over the next few weeks but, for now, I want to talk about you.

What are you looking forward to for the remainder of the year? Have you made a "Looking Forward To" list? It's a great way to make sure you do the things you want to do. There's power in writing your desires on paper.

Will you begin new projects to reach amazing new goals between now and the holidays?

There's plenty of time you know. If you were to set some new goals rights now, you have ample time to create significant results. Three months is enough time to take a sizable project from start-up to completion.

As a matter of fact, and you'll hear more about this next week, I'm putting together a three month group mentoring program for anyone who wants to develop and launch their own, passive revenue producing, information product. If you're interested and don't want to wait for details, email me and we'll talk.

One of my personal goals is to be weighing 20 pounds less than I do now. I know I can do this in the next 3 months using our new Slenderiix weight loss system. What about you? What health goal could you set that would be reached by the holidays?

I'm planning on rolling out an entirely new membership program and several other surprises.

What are you going to do to take your business to new heights by year's end?

Dearl and I will be taking another short vacation, probably to the Las Vegas. We are planning it now.

Are your dreams on a "treasure map" or "dream board" where they will be seen by you on a regular basis? It's a powerful tool that's simple to use. Just get some pictures, drawings and or text and paste up a dream board for anything, I mean anything, you want.

Will you be taking some time to vacation to recharge? There's plenty of time to set a goal and achieve it.

This is a time of new beginnings or, as the farmers around here say, "Fall is for Planting," so why not plant some big seeds now for the December harvest.

By the way, I currently have space for 2 new coaching clients. This will most likely be the last new clients I accept this year. If you're ready to make quantum progress and want to work one-on-one with me, . email me now

Latest Winner!

A big congratulations to Linda Gracy Linda won the last giveaway and was my guest in Denver for the jvAlert Live event. She had a great time and was able to network with many of the attendees and speakers. I know she was thrilled with all the information she received (not to mention all the great stuff she won from Daven Michaels of 123employee, and the free coaching session she received from Andy Shepherd of Shepherd Coaching).

Another giveaway soon! Keep watch!

Meet Blaine and Honey Parker

Part of the new Boomer Biz Tips is the opportunity to meet the people who can help you succeed in business. This month, I'd like to introduce Blaine and Honey Parker of Slow Burn Marketing They were two of the speakers at jvAlert Live. Not only are they absolutely just fun to be around, they really know their stuff when it comes to branding. The big thing they taught at jvAlert was consistency. Your brand is the way your core customer should feel about your business. Be focused and consistent in your message and people will remember. Present yourself differently each time and no one will know who you are. Drop by their Facebook page and say hi!

That's it for now! Be well and God bless!


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