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BoomerBizTips October 13, 2013 - Creating Awesome Subject Lines and Blogging for Traffic
October 13, 2013

Let me start this issue by introducing you to a wonderful woman! She is the subject of my newest Success Story. Janna - The Lemon Cat - makes the most wonderful handmade soap and bath goodies. With Christmas right around the corner, it was the perfect time to introduce her to everyone. If you haven't read it yet, please stop by and

meet The Lemon Cat.

I don't know about you, but I still find email marketing to be very effective. If you are using email as part of your marketing strategy, then you know the importance of a good subject line. It often makes all the difference between getting your email opened and read or deleted.

Writing a good subject line is not difficult. Here are 5 tested techniques to help. 1. Put a number in the subject line.

Numbers work. Why? Because when the recipient sees "10 ways to do X," she wants to know what the 7 ways are - and she opens your e-mail to find out.

Subject: 9 Things Baby Boomers Need to Know Before Starting a Business

2. Be mysterious.

Arouse curiosity. Hint at what you are offering, but withhold revelation of the answer. The recipient has to click on the e-mail to find out exactly what you are talking about.

Subject: Which Network Marketing Company is Best?

An e-mail with the above subject line led to over 300 new leads. Had we actually named the best company, I do not think it would have pulled as much.

3. Make a big promise.

A big, bold promise can get the recipient's attention. Putting a question mark after the promise can help address the reader's inherent skepticism.

Subject: Get paid $22,500 to write a letter?

4. Ask a question.

Do question subject lines work? Yes. Here's one that generated good sales for a webinar I did on social media marketing.

Subject: Facebook Fanatic? Tweet-a-holic? Mad for Pinterest?

5. Offer to reveal some secrets.

"Secrets" is a powerful word in a headline.

Subject: Business Building "Secrets" of Successful Entrepreneurs - Revealed!

Also, putting quotation marks around text in a headline or subject line increases readership.

If you're not blogging for your business - you should be! Blogs allow you to generate leads, be seen as an expert in your niche, develop an effective Internet strategy and create a "buzz". You can also use blog posts to link back to specific pages on your website that you wish to promote. All of these are essential to building your brand.

Starting a blog is easy. If you already have a website, you make have the capability to do it right on your site. If not, there are some great blog platforms available for free. My personal favorites are Blogger and WordPress. I personally use Blogger for all of my blogs. It's very user friendly and Google loves it - since they own it! But lots of my clients use WordPress and it also has some important benefits - specifically the availability of so many plugins! Which one you use is simply a matter of choice.

So this week, I want each of you to start a blog and write at least two posts. Use keywords from your website in the title and within the post. If you already have a blog, then simply write two posts this week, using keywords from your site.

Once you have your blog ready and at least one post, let me know and I will drop by and leave a comment!

Please let me know if you found this issue helpful.
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