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BoomerBizTips February 3, 2014 - You Gotta Believe!
February 03, 2014


Just when you thought I had vanished forever - I'm back! It's been an interesting few weeks. The flu - with a cough so bad I couldn't speak. A frozen water pipe. Internet outages. But I just kept believing that everything would be okay and now here we are on the other side and all is well!

Belief - in yourself and your business is critical and that will be the focus of our newsletter this week.

Plus we have a great new business builder for you! It's from my good friend Joel Comm so you know it's amazing!

And I also have some exciting new opportunities for you. New ways to grow yourself and your business. I am not sharing those today. Those will come separately. I want you to focus on your work for this week today. But I did want to give you a heads up that you will be seeing more email from me this week than normal.

It's going to be a great week! Let's do this!

Weekly Business Builder

This week's business builder is - Joel Comm! Okay, I am not giving you Joel Comm. But I am sharing the next best thing. Joel does a weekly show called (naturally) "The Joel Comm Show." He shares all kinds of good advice. How to become a recognized expert in your field. Now not to be stupid on social media. And he interviews other business leaders. People like Chris Voss, Lori Ruff, and Alejandro Reyes. Just knowing about Joel's show would be a big plus for your business. But it gets even better because - there's an app for that! That's right. Get on your phone right now and go to your app store and download the Joel Comm app. It's free! Then start listening to each and every episode. You can thank me - and Joel - later!

You Gotta Believe!

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford

Having dream is wonderful. Setting goals to help you get there is definitely a step in the right direction. But if you don't believe - in yourself, in your vision, in your business - you will still fail.

Belief is like fuel for your business. It's what drives entrepreneurs to get up every morning and face the challenges of building a business. Belief free you from worrying about what others think of you. It helps you deal with the normal ups and downs of growing your business.

Now I know it's easy to say you need to believe in yourself. But it's an entirely different matter to overcome those feelings of doubt - especially when things get tough. Especially if you came from an environment like i did where, because we lived on the wrong side of town, or came from the wrong neighborhood, we were not expected or encouraged to excel. But I am proof that no matter what your past experiences, you can develop self-confidence and self-esteem and BELIEF!

There are actually steps you can take to help build your self-esteem and confidence. Follow the steps in the links below and soon your belief in yourself and your business will be unconquerable! The Brag Bag Now that you have a bag (or box) full of your positive qualities, consider how each of them will help you achieve your goals. Write these down as statements of fact. For example: "My ability to write well will ensure that I finish my book." Put these in your brag bag as well to look at as a reminder of why and how you are going to succeed.

If you really do have some issues to overcome, don't feel bad. Most of us do. I suffer from what I call "Bright Shiny Object" Syndrome. I am VERY easily distracted by the next new and exciting thing. I have had to work very hard on focusing on one thing at a time until completion. But I have learned to work with this habit (and even put it to use as part of my business). Are you ready to move on and address whatever behaviors are holding you back? Then add to your prosperity binder the steps you will take to do so. Are you disorganized? How will you overcome that? Don't like speaking in public? What can you do to become a more polished speaker? Easily distracted? Stay tuned - I will tell you how to fix that! Full of negative self-talk? How will you stop?

Now once they are in your binder, don't just forget about them. The purpose of the binder is to help you remember why and how you are going to reach your goals. So once you have a plan to change the things that you need to change, make sure you take the steps necessary to do so.

Now go place your brag bag in your work area so you can reread all the nice things about you whenever you are having a twinge of self-doubt.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon! Please let me know if you found this issue helpful.
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