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BoomerBizTips February 09, 2014 - Work Your Plan
February 10, 2014

This week is all about work. Now that we are clear about what it is we are working for, we are ready to focus on how we are going to get it. I assume if you have been in business for a while, you have a marketing plan in place. If not, check out our marketing plan checklist. It will help you with the process of creating one. It doesn't need to be fancy but you do need a plan for your business. Plan your work. Because this week, we are going to focus on working our plan.

Also we have a great business builder to share. It's one I use myself to bring some extra revenue into my business.

It's going to be a great week. Let's get started!

Weekly Business Builder

This week's business builder is once again from Google. Google AdSense is a simple way to monetize your web content. Just place the AdSense code on your site and receive a check from Google each month. For webmasters who are not really into online marketing (do such creatures exist?) AdSense can be a painless way to earn extra income from your site.

For professional marketers, using the AdSense system can supply a tremendous amount of marketing information on the keywords in their particular niche. It keeps the marketer informed on what keywords are being bid on and how much advertisers are willing to pay.

AdSense also has an excellent real-time tracking system you can use to keep track of all your important web pages.

For more information or to register, click here.

Work Your Plan

Every business should have a marketing plan that sets out clearly what you are going to do to get what you want. Hopefully, by now, you have created yours. If not, that is another lesson. Check out the link provided at the beginning of this newsletter for guidance on creating your marketing plan.

When you start working from home, especially if you are working in network marketing or MLM, people will not consider it a real business. When I first started and was struggling to make a living, my own husband would ask me how much longer I was going to stay home and play instead of finding a "real" job. You have to remind everyone that you are serious about this. It IS a real business! And you have to be sure you treat it that way if you expect others to take you seriously. Don't think you can invest in a business, pay the startup fees or enrollment fees, and then just sit back and watch it grow. You have to work your business like you would a "traditional" business.

There are some ways to be sure you do this. First, make yourself a schedule each week. Having set hours for working your business will help ensure you actually work on your business. It doesn't have to be 9-5 Monday through Friday. I'm an early morning/late evening person so I do a lot of work between 5:00 - 8:00am and 9:00pm - midnight.

Second, let everyone know what you are doing. You have to promote your business. If you believe in your business don't be ashamed of it. Tell the world!

Let's take a look at your expectations. If you think you are going to put in a couple of hours a week and yet be bringing in a six-figure income in 6 months, you need to adjust your expectations. That is just unrealistic. I understand many of you are still working and trying to build your business part time. That's fine. If you will put in some time EACH AND EVERY DAY, you will soon be bringing in a nice income.

Get a calendar for the month. Let's start with February since it's just getting started. First, pencil in your family's schedule. This includes your work schedule. your spouse's schedule and any scheduled activities for the kids. This is time that is already blocked and can't be used to grow your business. Next mark any other dates and times that are absolutely locked in - anything that can't be rescheduled or cancelled. Next, pick one day that is for you and your family. No work allowed. My day is Sunday. That's the day I very rarely do any type of work, but instead devote myself to church and family. Now look at your calendar. Allowing for sleep of course, the remaining hours are the times you have available to work your business. Start scheduling yourself some "appointments." These don't have to be real appointments to meet with someone, but I have learned that if you write down a commitment to do something and schedule a time to do it, you are much more likely to actually follow through. So let's say we skip our favorite Monday night TV show and use that hour to solidify your business concept. Tuesday night perhaps you or your husband spend time on the computer anyway so let's schedule time to register a domain name. Wednesday let's spend some time doing market research on your business. Thursday do a little research on your competitors. Friday attend a local business networking event. Saturday start building your online presence (website, social media, etc). See? By the end of the week you will have made significant progress towards starting your business.

My point is that in the beginning it's not so much the quantity of time spent as the consistency. Do a little something - ANYTHING - but do something every day to help your business grow. Read information about your industry, attend webinars, make a contact list of prospects, make a few phone calls, send some emails, mail a brochure, update your website. Every day do at least one thing to grow your business and you'll see that slowly but steadily, your business and your income will grow.

Let's plan this week together.

1. Get out your marketing plan. What steps can you take this week to achieve some of your goals? I am going to send an email about the network marketing companies I work with. And I am going to listen to the latest Joel Comm podcast. I'm going to build a Facebook page for Boomer Business Ideas. And I'm going to send some tweets about the newest designs on my CafePress shops. What are you going to do?

2. Now get out your calendar and schedule your appointments. Pencil in your appointments on your calendar. Schedule some time each day to work on an item on your marketing plan. I will write my email Monday and schedule it to go out early Tuesday morning. I have the Joel Comm app on my phone, so I can listen to the podcast anytime. But I promised to take my granddaughter to gymnastics practice this week, so I will schedule time to listen to it while I am waiting for her. I am not the greatest on Facebook, so I will schedule building my Facebook page for Wednesday afternoon when I know my local Facebook expert will be available to help if I need it. And I will use to schedule some Twitter updates about my shops. This is a relatively simple task, so I will do this Tuesday evening while watching my one TV show I watch during the week.

What does your appointment calendar look like? Share it in the BoomingPreneurs Facebook group! Not only is this another way to schedule your work, but it's also a great way to get some accountability. If you are not yet a member, let me know and I will send you an invitation. I belong to a mastermind group and the members are very quick to hold each other accountable. I find it a tremendously beneficial! Now when I want to use some flimsy excuse to put off a task, I know that I will have to explain myself to the other members of my group. It's just easier to do what I need to get done then face them!
That's it! You planned your work. Now schedule some time to work your plan. And while you're at it, schedule some time to check out Google AdSense for an added income stream. See you next week!

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