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BoomerBizTips December 8, 2013 - Join our Facebook Group
December 08, 2013

Well, I think we finally have our internet issues resolved. I was beginning to think I would never get online again! And while I can do a lot from my phone, this newsletter isn't one of them.

We have been recovering from the worst winter storm in quite a few years here. Over a two day timespan, we had everything from freezing rain and sleet to 9 inches of snow, along with single-digit temperatures. No fun! I am just grateful I did not have to get out in it. Everyone is digging out and life is slowly returning to normal. I am sitting by the fire with a pile of fur-babies sleeping around my feet. They love the fire as much as I do!

There's a lot going on this month for everyone. Christmas is just a few days away now. I know I am not ready yet! But thanks to the amazing Lemon Cat I am closer than I would normally be at this point! If you have not yet made her acquaintance please check out her profile on our website. We are also launching our Facebook group! If you are on Facebook, let's connect! Then I will send you an invitation to join our group. The Facebook group is a place for entrepreneurs focused on building lasting business relationships with other like-minded folks. Feel free to share your expertise, ask questions, give advice, and support the other members of the group. Self-promotion is allowed. Shameless self-promotion is frowned upon. Some of my coaches and mentors are members so it will be a great place for you to learn from some of the best and brightest in the business!

Since we are talking about building and maintaining relationships, our featured topic this week is about something that is very important but almost always overlooked. Read on to learn about the all important Welcoming Email!

The Simple But Effective Welcome Email

I was recently reminded of the importance of a good welcome email. I had just signed up with a company and was supposed to receive information on my login and instructions to download my material. And I did - quite a bit later and in a very confusing format. It made me take a look at my own welcome email (which I will be revising!) and started a discussion at my next mastermind group meeting about what constitutes a good welcome email. This is what we came up with:

1. Short and simple does the job. It needs to be something that anyone can read in minutes. Welcome your new subscriber or member and give them the information they need to access the service or product they signed up for and the link to their login page. You may also want to remind people that they did sign up. If they don't check their email right away, they may forget! I did not think of this, but apparently it happened to another member of our mastermind group!

2. You may also want to include links from your welcome email to your blog, RSS feed, or an online tour of your site.

3. This is a great place to invite subscribers to connect with you on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Provide the links to your social networking pages and ask for the follow, connection, or friend request.

I am going to be posting this question in our Facebook group to see what the other experts think. So don't forget to send your friend request so I can invite you to the group. It will be interesting to see what they can add.

Branding Step 4

Blog created - check. Articles (2 per week) written and submitted to an article directory - check.

Social media campaign started - check.

Time to build your page at makes it easy for people to learn about you and find your content on the web. It brings together all of your social media sites in one platform. I first learned about from Daven Michaels. He knows a thing or two about building traffic to your sites and strengthening your brand. So if he recommends something, I try to implement it ASAP!

Once you have your page set up, let me know and we can connect! Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon! Please let me know if you found this issue helpful.

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