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BoomerBizTips August 27, 2014 - Keep Finding New Customers
August 27, 2014

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Feature article: Keep Finding New Customers

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Craig Bruun has retired from his man and van business. Bad news for those who loved his service. GREAT news for those wanting to start their own business. Because he has dedicated his old website to teaching others how to do what he did. He has even left the layout and design intact so visitors can get an idea of what worked for him. If you are interested in starting a man and van business of your own, check out his site

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Keep Finding New Customers

The only way to grow your business is to consistently introduce fresh customers. The day you stop introducing new people to your products and services is the day your business will begin to stagnate or even start sliding backwards.

New customers add to your sales volume, and, if you inspire them, will introduce even more new people through referrals. They may bring new ideas through questions or comments, new excitement, new energy, and new momentum.

Unfortunately, once customers start knocking on the door, many boomerpreneurs let marketing take a back seat. But a strong business needs growth and consistent marketing is the best way to get it.

To keep that stream of new customers flowing, avoid making these costly mistakes:

* Relying on current customers to carry your business

* Relying on referrals and word-of-mouth to bring new customers to your business

In an ideal world, it would be wonderful if both these things worked. Wouldn't it be great to open shop, get a strong base of regular customers, and then sit back and watch the magic happen? But when you stop marketing, you abdicate responsibility for the success of your business. That makes no sense!

The first rule of marketing is numbers. Why? There is security in numbers. Customers will come and go. Some will stay a long time, others a short time. Some customers will purchase everything you offer and others will only buy one item. If you only have a small number of customers, you will be at the mercy of their individual whims. The more customers you have, the more invincible you will be.

The second rule of marketing is balance. Balance comes from having a wide enough target market to insure you against the stellar performance of one aspect of your business. Don't rely on one or two niches to produce your volume. Discovering that untapped niche can be an intoxicating experience. Your sales soar and you bask in the recognition and prosperity that follow. You spend so much time nurturing your star that you neglect other aspects of your business. Suddenly, the bubble bursts. Your shining star is replaced by the NBT (next big thing) or new technology makes your product or service obsolete. Your income may drop significantly or stop altogether.

The third rule of marketing is to look for customers everywhere! Think about where you are most likely to find them. Then market to them there.

Even if your prospects fail to immediately become customers, try to maintain contact. Circumstances and attitudes can change overnight. If you don't stay in touch, someone who is in the right place at the right time will reap the benefit of your preliminary work. My business teems with clients who were approached by a coach, declined, and then - when they were finally ready - started working with me, having never heard from the original person again. It pays to be patient and it pays to be persistent.

Prospect for customers in the places that best fit your business. Think: Who would be interested in my products or services, why would they be interested, and how will I approach them?

If your products or services are business oriented, plug into business and professional associations. Wellness centers, medical suites, fitness centers and spas are a great fit for health products and services.

Broaden your reach by thinking outside the box. For example, parents may be the obvious choice for the local scrapbooking shop, kids clothing boutique, or vintage toy store. But grandparents have checkbooks too - especially where grandkids are concerned!

The point is not to restrict your marketing. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can become your next customer. Think "Who" and then "Who else?" Your next customer could be the server in your coffee shop, your dentist, your cleaner, a neighbor, your child's teacher, or someone they refer you to. Always have your antenna up. Sow seeds everywhere - online AND offline - and nourish them with followup. Take time to get to know your market and always stay on the lookout for clues that may indicate a new interest or need that you can fill.

Action steps:

1. Are doing some marketing everyday? If not, why not?

2. Make a habit of asking these three simple questions: a. Who will be interested in my products or services? b. Why would they be interested? c. How will I market to them?

3. Make up six marketing packs and take them with you wherever you go. These should contain business cards, brochures, testimonials, and any other marketing material you think beneficial. Don't overwhelm prospects with a mountain of data but be sure there is enough to give a clear understanding of what you offer.

4. Ask, "Where will I find future customers?" Position your marketing where it is most likely to reach them.

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