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Be Flexible!
December 04, 2014

Successful boomerpreneurs know how important it is to be flexible. Any successful businessperson understands the unpredictability of the market and knows he must respond quickly and confidently when necessary. You are not building your business in a vacuum, but in the real world, where you cannot control your environment.

When everything is running smoothly, it's easy to feel unstoppable. You are right on target to meet your goals. But then, just when you though nothing could go wrong, something does. Someone you counted on lets you down. An expected sale doesn't come through. A potential new client changes her mind at the last minute.

It's natural to feel frustrated when things don't work as planned. But the sooner you accept that it has happened, the sooner you can start doing whatever is necessary to get back on track.

Flexibility is especially important when dealing with customers and prospects. People will have different expectations. They will respond to different stimuli. Where one person sees black, another will see white, and a third will see gray. Expecting everyone to think and react the same to your offers will inhibit your chances of success, as will trying to persuade others to understand your point of view instead of seeking to understand their needs and wants.

Being flexible is critical to survival. The more quickly we adapt to our ever-changing business environment, the more we improve our odds of success.

If your business is not growing, ask, "What am I not doing right?"

When Plan A doesn't work, switch to Plan B. If Plan B starts to fizzle, develop Plan C. You won't solve a problem by continuing with the strategy that created it.

Review your goals regularly to ensure you are on track. Strategies can be amended and so can goals. There is little point in clinging to targets that are unrealistic. Many successful boomerpreneurs had at least one false start before they found the right gear.

Action Steps:

1. Cultivate a genuine curiosity about people to help you learn to understand and appreciate differing personality styles.

2. Always seek to understand the other person's point of view. Walk a few steps in her shoes before you rush to judgment.

3. Never become complacent. Keep reviewing, revising, and refreshing your strategy, based on the results you are getting.

4. Try not to carry issues from one day to the next. Learn to let the previous day go at the end of your work day and start the next day afresh.

5. Have the courage to make bold changes when your strategy is not working for you.

6. Move quickly when responding to changing conditions. Even when things seem unfair, accept the circumstances and focus on your next move.

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