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Best Businesses for Women

The best businesses for women don't cost much to start,  can be run from a home office, and involve minimal risk.  Even though the economy is slowly improving, women are still looking at starting a business as a way to supplement their family's income or even replace their current job.  

The range of home-based businesses is vast, and women are coming up with new ideas all the time.  The most suitable businesses are found in markets that remain strong even during tough times.  These include services that can save customers money, child- and pet-care related products and services, and product and services for seniors.

When searching for their perfect business, women need to consider what they need from it. Many women entrepreneurs find that when competing with home and family life, their business has to be something that really lights a passion or they won’t be compelled to spend time on the business.   Knowing their "why" can help determine the type of business best suited to their needs.  I wrote about this in my blog post, What's Your Why?   Whether their why is financial, creative, or simply the desire to control their own life, the best businesses for women meet this need.

So, what are some business ideas for women?  I have listed many here.  Services such as a virtual assistant, web designer, or senior advisor can be very profitable.   Weight loss, personal care and skin care products are also successful - and you don't even need your own products.  There are several reputable network marketing companies that sell these products.  Many women have hobbies or skills that can be turned into a business. Handicrafts, such as knitting, crochet and jewelry making, can all be turned into businesses.  Women who enjoy children and have a good setup at home have made a very good living from a home-based day care or preschool.   If you have training or experience in business, marketing, or public relations, consider starting a small consulting business run out of your home office.

Another business that can be used to generate income without hassle is affiliate marketing. All you need to do is to create a website and start selling products for other people by making referrals. When a customer you referred purchases these products you are paid a commission. It is a great way to generate extra income easily.

The possibilities are endless, once women apply creativity to their circumstances and goals.  Whatever small business opportunities women choose to take on, it should be meaningful to them and create a good balance with their home and family responsibilities,

What are the best businesses for women?  Whatever business meets their needs! 


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