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10 Ways to Increase Sales 

#10 – Change your price

Whether you move your price up or down, you may see better results with a price change. Try something subtle first, like going from $17 to $17.95, or from $495 to $497.

You may think you need to drop your price to make more sales, perhaps putting your product on “sale” or “clearance”, but that may actually hurt you. Consider raising your price, or announce that you will in a few days (and then do so). Some people may think if it’s that cheap, it’s not worth it.

Before you change the price, though, consider these other 9 actions to take.

#9 – Change the name of your product

This is a bit drastic, but maybe you should change the name of your product. Obviously, if it’s tied to you domain name, you may have to give this some serious thought. But test different product names in forums, Adwords, etc., to see if you can get a better name than what you came up with a while back.

#8 – Change your graphics for your product

You may have no graphics, or some crappy ecover that somebody made for $10. Take the graphics off completely, or get a sharper image created. People still judge books by their covers, and graphics online can really impact how eagerly people buy your product.

#7 – Add a follow up promo to your autoresponder

This is kind of a traffic tip, but it’s really more about awareness. Perhaps you have not explained to your existing subscribers what the benefits are to your product? Or you told them once in a broadcast, but nobody new to your list ever knows it exists.

Put a problem/solution based email in your follow up series to point to your product, so you can get sales from internal traffic on a regular basis. That, after all, is what good autoresponders are for. :)

#6 – Do a teleseminar

Another action that could be considered traffic, but really, it’s about getting on the phone with a new audience and educating them about you, your product/service, etc. Plus, when you hold a teleseminar you can find out what this audience is hungry for, and then use that information in your sales letter to best match your solution to what the market wants.

Also, the more teleseminars you do, the more visible you are. And visibility in the right circles adds credibility to your brand (i.e., you).

#5 – Add real testimonials to your sales page

Get real results-based case studies and testimonials from your current customers and add them to your sales pages. Obviously you need to pay attention to FTC guidelines for disclaimers, typical results, etc…

But give people a glimpse at what has happened to your existing customers.

#4 – Change your headlines

A very important and easy thing to do is to change your headline. Choose different words, punctuation, color, etc. Maybe a font change or an increase/decrease in size could make a difference. Make sure your headline and subheadings are guiding your visitor through the page in a narrative sort of way. People tend to be skimmers, so make the subheads a story that brings people back into your text.

#3 – Add an affiliate program

Yes, this is a traffic tip, but it’s important for you to turn your existing customers into affiliates. You can also get people to promote your product more easily if they have a monetary incentive to do so. A good affiliate program rewards affiliates, makes it easy for them to promote.

You’ll also find the endorsed messages from your affiliates can pre-sell your visitors.

#2 – Add a bonus

Create more value for your product by adding a related, complimentary bonus. A bonus makes the product even better, but doesn’t make it seem like the program would be incomplete without that bonus. If you don’t have one of your own, ask for someone else to provide a bonus that results in traffic back to your friend’s site. Or offer some personal time or bonus teleseminars to help your customers consume your product.

#1 – Add video or audio to your sales page

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. So get some multi-media onto your sales pages. Use live video to introduce your offer by identifying the key problem that you’re solving. Include a screen video that demonstrates what people get after they buy from you. Or add an audio to welcome the visitors to the page, or address frequently asked questions.


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